DailyZen in GeekTool

syldesk-zencropped-smI have been playing with GeekTool the last few days. It’s a small app for Mac OS X (preferences pane, actually) that adds text and images directly to the desktop. It’s highly scriptable and customizable, with people adding anything from the date and time, to log files, to RSS feeds and live satellite photos.

One thing I’ve added to my own desktop, is the Zen poem posted daily on the website DailyZen.com. It took a little work to be able to do it, so I thought I’d post my script.  (more…)

Making the Tab Key work with JEditable Fields

Recently I was asked to solve a problem someone was having with JEditable. There were several fields on the page that existed as double-clickable text, which could then edited. The problem was, the tab key would not move between the fields.

The first step of course was to build a simple test environment: a page with several divs with ids such as “box1” “box2”  etc., JQuery and JEditable called, and JEditable configured to talk to a simple PHP script that simply echoes its input:

< ?php echo $_REQUEST["value"]; ?>