Green Earth Organics Bin

So I entered a contest at VegFest, and won $20 off a bin of organic veggies from Green Earth Organics. Yay! I signed up on their website (which was a little difficult; their signup form needs some improvement, which I let them know about), and made some adjustments to the content of my first bin.

The bin showed up today. The delivery guy, Steve, was very friendly and helpful, and I appreciated that they showed up at 5:30, when I was at home. However… I certainly looked at the list of items I would be receiving while on the website, but I suppose the actual quantity of food didn’t register with me. The contents of the bin were as pictured:

This is great looking food, and I’m all for supporting organic growers… but there’s really not much of it. At $20 off, it’s a good deal. But I must admit I have a modest income, and certainly can’t afford to spend $27 every two weeks on an arm-full of organic delights. I would normally pay less than $10 for this amount of food at Kin’s Farm Market… admittedly, not organic.

I’m sure if you’re one of those purchasing larger bins it might be more cost-effective, or if you’re one of those people too busy to shop, it may be worth it. But while I look forward to enjoying this food, I don’t think I’ll continue as a customer.

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