books useful for vegans, or those on their way


Animal Ingredients A to Z – E. G. Smith Collective
An invaluable guide to shopping, so you can avoid inadvertently buying items which contain animal-derived ingredients. I don’t find shopping very difficult, but for a new vegan, navigating a path between stearates, casein, and gelatin can be tricky.


The Everyday VeganDreena Burton
A well-rounded cookbook with some very personal touches from a local author.

Simply Vegan – Quick Vegetarian Meals – Debra Wasserman
An excellent collection of recipes that are easy to make and not time consuming. I’m not (yet) very talented in the kitchen, and this book offered a great starting point for me to cooking new vegan meals.

How It All Vegan – Sarah Kramer, Tanya Barnard
A hip, irreverent cook-book with a wide variety of recipes