Organizations helping & promoting veganism.

Earthsave Canada
(604) 731-5885
Earthsave Canada promotes a healthy & environmentally concious vegetarian diet. The Earthsave organization was started by John Robbins of Diet for a New America fame, and the B.C. chapter formed after he gave a talk here. They are active locally holding dinners and presentations, have a membership of 600 and a library of materials to lend out. Membership gives a discount at many local vegetarian-oriented businesses.

Liberation BC
Liberation BC is a Vancouver activist group devoted to animal rights, and vegan and vegetarian advocacy. They have active campaigns regarding foie gras, holiday turkeys, fur, and local rodeos.

Saving Animals
A Vancouver animal-rights group active locally & nationally promoting veganism through campaigns, and events like VegFestVancouver.

Raw Food Society of British Columbia – RawBC
A raw-vegan non-profit organization that informs about the benefits of a plant based diet. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their site includes articles, recipes, a forum, and a raw vegan ezine.