March 16, 2009

I’ve just learned about Daiya non-dairy cheese, made by Daiya Foods, a company in North Vancouver. It’s free of common allergens and is touted as shredding and melting like the real thing. I’m told that it’s now being served at The Naam as an optional replacement for dairy cheese.

Chicake is a healthy, vegan cheesecake made by a local baker. It’s available at numerous locations throughout the Metro Vancouver area.

Saje Natural Wellness is a chain of Canadian-owned stores and boutiques specializing in all-natural, animal-product free health and beauty products. They have locations in Metrotown, Kitsilano, Robson Street, Surrey, Langley, West Van, White Rock, Coquitlam, and elsewhere in BC and Alberta.

One Response to “March 16, 2009”

  1. Yeah, I came across a leaflet for Daiya and have been meaning to try it. It’d be nice expand the cooking repertoire. 🙂