Po Kong – New Chinese Buddhist vegetarian restaurant

Last night I visited Po Kong (1334 Kingsway, 604-876-3088) for Valentines dinner. This is the spiritual successor to the original Bo Kong, owned as I understand it by a member of the same family. The food is delicious as ever, the staff friendly, and the place is bright and clean. The bean curd skins in black bean sauce remains a favorite dish, the jai (wheat gluten) is juicy and succulent, and I also had the deluxe chow mein (the waiter assures me the noodles have no eggs). For something exciting, try the sizzling shishkabobs or a hotpot.

The menu is very similar to what is found at Whole Vegetarian, but both represent traditional Chinese Buddhist cuisine: I saw many of the same dishes when I visited Buddhist restaurants and a monastery in Hong Kong. The portions are large, and you’ll likely want to take your leftovers home.

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