I’ve got mails asking things like what soymilk is best, or what types of foods I recommend; so here’s a list of specific products available in the Vancouver area that are suitable for vegans. As always, recommendations for listings are appreciated!

Daiya non-dairy cheese
Daiya is made by a local Vancouver company, and I hear it is now served as a vegan cheese substitute at The Naam. Daiya is free of common allergens, and melts and shreds like the real thing. Available at Karmavore (of course!) and Dussa’s Ham and Cheese at Granville Island Public Market.

Earth Balance Spread
A very good margarine, 100% vegan, and I’m told one of the healthiest (or least unhealthy) margarine options there are. Available at Choices/Capers, and now IGA and Save-On-Foods.

Kettle Chips
The BEST chips. The Lightly Salted are vegan, as are the Krinkle Cut Salt & Pepper, which are incredible. Note that many of the other flavours are not vegan though.

Nature’s Path Cereals
Excellent organic cereals, available in boxes and bulk bags. Many are vegan, but some have honey so check the ingredients. I’m quite fond of the Shredded Heritage Bites/Oaty Bites.

Outside/In Cosmetics
A BC based cruelty and animal-product free cosmetics company. Order online, or buy in numerous locations in the Vancouver area.

Rice Dream
Just because you’re vegan, doesn’t mean you have to give up ice cream! (Hey, I said this list is suitable for vegans, not that it’s healthy!) Rice Dream is a great non-dairy frozen dessert.

From Soya World, these are my preferred soy milks. Both are vegan.

SunRise Soya Tofu
Widely available tofu, in a variety of styles.

Yves Veggie Cuisine
Makers of great tasting tofu burgers and veggie weiners.